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11am - 12pm: SMF

12pm - 1pm: JP Miska & Isaac Burgess

1pm - 2pm: Henry Ivie-Gardner

2pm - 3pm: Luke Strohbehn

3pm - 4pm: Henry Ivie-Gardner




Carissa O’Donnell, Natalie Rodgers, and Lilly Swartzendruber are a group of friends who connected over their love of playing music. They began by jamming in a dorm room last year and now play at different venues (including the MU Ballroom last term!) across Corvallis. They all have busy schedules and music has been their excuse to reconnect. They are honored to share their love of music with others through this band!


JP Miska & Isaac Burgess:

The twangy chicken-pickin' guitar of JP Miska and the smooth melodic saxophone of Isaac Burgess combine to create a genre bending musical experience.


Henry Ivie-Gardner:

Henry Ivie-Gardner is an Oregon based multi-instrumentalist who plays Jazz, R&B and many other types of improvised music. Henry will be playing guitar and keyboard/synth, showcasing his energetic and creative musical voice while improvising over some of his favorite tunes, from Mac Miller to Bebop.


Luke Strohbehn:

Luke Strohbehn is a Vermonter at heart, and currently a robotics PhD student at Oregon State University. He grew up obsessed with the Beatles and would always try to cover their songs instead of practicing Beethoven and Bach on the piano and cello. His hometown friend Noah Kahan inspired him to pick up a guitar one day in high school and he never put it down again. Luke has since tried to explore rock, bluegrass, funk, and jazz, but has always returned to folk songs as he think they can tell amazing stories, both truth and fiction.